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A Collection of Micro-Learning Courses

Based on the works of subject matter experts
and highly-recognized authors

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Each course is divided into a series of short video modules that cover the major learning points from the book. Think of it like an executive summary (or cliff notes), where information is summarized in short, digestible chunks.

Courses include:

  • The Art of Authenticity
  • Clash of the Generations
  • Painless Performance Conversations
  • Make Mentoring Count
  • The Energy Bus
  • Getting Real About Workplace Violence

Developing today’s must-have skills has never been easier.

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What’s so special about the Master Learning Series courses?

Mobile Responsive – play them on a phone!

Today’s learners are comfortable with technology. They are online a majority of their day and unlock their smartphones 9 times each hour. They expect technology to support their learning.


Micro-Learning – each course is broken into SHORT modules

Your learners are starved for time! Today’s employees have so many things on their to-do lists, that they’d be lucky to find 5 minutes a day to allot for training.


Engaging Design – compelling graphics & fast-moving scripts

Today’s learners are easily bored! They are surrounded by professional-quality media in every direction and have come to expect their training to be fast-paced and visually engaging.


High-Quality – the work of subject matter experts & authors

Your learners need access to relevant information about the current business landscape. Rest easy knowing that they’re receiving guidance you can trust.

Try a module from each of the courses in the Master Learning Series

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The Art of Authenticity

Dr. Karissa Thacker, the author of the best-selling leadership book, The Art of Authenticity, prepares your leaders with an understanding of authentic leadership and empowers them to champion change in your organization—all while embracing their unique collection of strengths, skills, and quirks.  Learn More.

The Energy Bus

Based on the international best-selling book by Jon Gordon, The Energy Bus takes learners on an enlightening and inspiring ride that reveals the 10 secrets for approaching life and work with the kind of positive, forward thinking that leads to true professional and personal accomplishment.  Learn more.

Getting Real About Workplace Violence

Produced and delivered by a security expert Jim Sporleder, Getting Real About Workplace Violence has been thoughtfully produced to cover prevention through awareness as well as response strategies. Learn more.


The simple, yet comprehensive, LEAD NOW! leadership training program contains hundreds of effective tips and techniques on these 21 most common dimensions of leadership – all based on a model using surveys of 8,000 executives, managers, and employees. Learn more.

Make Mentoring Count

From the expert, Dr. Lois Zachary, Make Mentoring Count builds your leaders’ confidence and create a common language for formal and informal mentoring programs within your organization. Learn more.

Painless Performance Conversations

Painless Performance Conversations with author Marnie E. Green presents behavior models with actionable and practical day-to-day advice for any supervisor looking to improve both their individual and team’s performance.  Learn more.

Try the Courses For Yourself!

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Demo Request - Master Learning Series